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Timeless Razor

Timeless Razor was founded by a family of machinists in North Royalton, Ohio USA. The family specialises in producing high quality, plastic injection molded parts and first class CNC machined parts from all types of metals. They developed a high-quality double-edge safety razor, modelled after the razors of their grandparent's generation. With their precision tools, in-house machinery and commitment to high-quality American-made products, they developed Timeless Razor.

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NewSold outTimeless Aluminium Slant Razor SetTimeless Aluminium Slant Razor Set
Timeless Aluminium Safety Razor SetTimeless Aluminium Safety Razor Set
Timeless Bronze Safety Razor SetTimeless Bronze Safety Razor Set
Sold outTimeless Titanium Safety Razor Set (Polished)Timeless Titanium Safety Razor Set (Polished)
Timeless Titanium Crown Safety Razor Handle (Polished)Timeless Titanium Crown Safety Razor Handle (Polished)
Timeless Razor Plastic Shaving BowlTimeless Razor Plastic Shaving Bowl
Sold outTimeless Stainless Steel Safety Razor Set (Polished)Timeless Stainless Steel Safety Razor Set (Polished)