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Hair Clay

Whether you style a messy, textured crop or a loose side-part, Hair Clay is the perfect men's hair product to achieve that dry, natural finish which makes you look like you rolled out of bed with great hair. Hair Clay is a type of Hair Wax which is characterised by its dry, matt appearance in the hair, hence why it is also known as Matt Clay. A Hair Clay is similar to a Hair Paste and in some cases the two are called the same thing. However, a Hair Clay is a heavier wax-based product which may be preferable for somebody looking for a style which will stay re-workable throughout the day. One thing to note about Matt Clay is that it may not wash out as well as a well as a Hair Paste due to it’s waxy content, but this is ideal for messy styles as the waxy build up helps to achieve a better overall texture.

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Product Type
Templeton Tonics Oasis Clay
Firsthand Clay Pomade
Shear Revival American Gardens Clay Pomade
Sold outTempleton Tonics Black Kraken Clay
BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay
Sold outFlagship Dead Sea Clay
Lockhart's Matte Clay
Arcadian Clay Pomade
Oil Can Grooming Crafting Clay
Arcadian Vanilla Cedar Clay Pomade
Lockhart's Fire & Brimstone Matte Clay
Arcadian Rosa Styling Clay
Cub & Co Original Clay
Lockhart's Fatte Clay
The Groomed Man Co Styling ClayThe Groomed Man Co Styling Clay (100ml)
Lodestar Grooming Canyon Styling Clay