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IOSS & EU Orders

Key Information
  • IOSS Registration: Slickboys is IOSS registered.
  • No Import Taxes or Duties: If your order is below €180* before shipping, there won't be any import taxes or duties to pay on arrival in the EU.
  • Displayed Prices Include VAT: Product prices are displayed including VAT, and the total VAT amount is visible during checkout.
  • VAT Collection and Payment: Slickboys collects and pays the VAT directly to the relevant EU government through the IOSS scheme meaning you won't need to pay anything upon arrival.
  • IOSS Number: Our IOSS number is IM3720005192.

Slickboys is IOSS registered, which means you won't have to pay import taxes or duties for orders shipped to the European Union as long as the total before shipping is below the €180* threshold. This allows you to add up to €180* worth of items to your basket without incurring additional taxes when your order arrives in your country. Note that shipping charges are separate and don't count toward the threshold. So, even if you have €175 worth of products in your basket and pay €15 for shipping (totalling €190), you still won't have to pay import taxes.

Our prices are displayed including VAT for all EU countries by default. If the total of the items in your cart is below €180*, the VAT amount will be shown at checkout. However, if your basket exceeds €180*, the prices at checkout will be displayed without VAT, and no VAT total will be visible. If the prices you see at checkout are lower than what you previously saw, it means your cart has surpassed the threshold, and you are now viewing prices that exclude VAT. In this case, the correct import tax rate will be charged when your order arrives in your country.

If, for any reason, you are charged import taxes for orders below €180*, please contact us immediately, and we will provide you with an electronic invoice showing that the correct VAT has already been paid. You can then pass this invoice to the customs authorities.

Note: The €180 threshold assumes a VAT rate of 20%. The threshold, excluding VAT, is €150. Refer to the table below for the exact threshold for your specific country.

VAT Rate

IOSS Threshold (including VAT, excluding shipping)

16% (Luxembourg)


18% (Malta)


19% (Cyprus, Germany, Romania)


20% (Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Slovakia)


21% (Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Czechia)


22% (Italy, Slovenia)


23% (Ireland, Poland, Portugal)


24% (Finland, Greece)


25% (Croatia, Denmark, Sweden)


27% (Hungary)