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Pre Shave Oil

Shave Oil, most commonly known as Pre Shave Oil is often the subject of a lot of speculation, people always wonder whether it’s really necessary or whether it makes a positive contribution to your shave. We agree that if you shave every day, using Pre Shave Oil may be an extra step which you might wish to skip, but keeping a bottle of Pre Shave Oil handy for those special occasions is always a wonderful addition to your wet shaving routine. Shaving Oil is not a substitute for a Shave Cream or a Shave Soap but rather an extra step to ensure an even more comfortable and close shave. Pre Shave Oil should be applied, you guessed it, just before you apply your preferred shaving soap. It helps to add an additional layer of protection and lubrication between the blade and your skin and will further help to soften the hairs making for an effortless shave. Despite the name, Shave Oil also offers fantastic benefits when applied after shaving due to the natural oils it contains which are great for your skin.

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