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Men's Hair Products

Here at Slickboys we stock a select range of some of the most popular and sought after men's hair products in the world. Importing from countries as far afield as the USA and Australia, we take care of the extortionate shipping fees bringing the very best hair pomades right to your doorstep. Our stocking procedure is strict yet simple - we try it and if we like it enough to use it again, we stock it. You can rest assured that all of our men's hair products have earned their place in the Slickboys hall of fame.

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O'Douds Matte Paste
O'Douds Matte Paste (4oz) Sale price$22.00
Templeton Tonics Oasis Clay
Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste
Firsthand Clay Pomade
O'Douds Water Based Pomade
Shear Revival American Gardens Clay Pomade
Shear Revival Crystal Lake Water Based Pomade
O'Douds Styling Treatment
Shear Revival Gray Ghost Cream Pomade
Shear Revival Amity Texture Spray
O'Douds Dry Wax
O'Douds Dry Wax (4oz) Sale price$22.00
Lockhart's Goon Grease Heavy Hold Pomade
Lockhart's Water Based Goon Grease Pomade
Firsthand All-Purpose Pomade
Flagship Black Ship Water Based Pomade
Templeton Tonics Grizzly Matte Paste
Flagship Black Water Pre Styling Cream
O'Douds Conditioning Cream
Templeton Tonics Summit Water Based Pomade
O'Douds Standard Pomade
BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay
Lockhart's Matte Clay
Arcadian Matte Paste
Firsthand Texturising Paste
O'Douds Sea Salt Texture Spray
Arcadian Clay Pomade
Arcadian Vanilla Cedar Matte Paste
BluMaan Original Styling Meraki
Lockhart's Anti-Gravity Matte Paste
Shear Revival Easy Tiger Oil Based Pomade
Shear Revival Loyal Sea Clay Styling Balm
Oil Can Grooming Crafting Clay
New InSlickboys Matte Paste
Shear Revival Loom Shampoo
Shear Revival Gleodream Texture Powder
BluMaan Fifth Sample Pomade
Shear Revival Progress All Purpose Oil
Oil Can Grooming Blue Collar Beard Oil
Oil Can Grooming Grease Pomade
Lockhart's Blue LaGoon Texture Tonic
Oil Can Grooming Angels Share Beard Oil
BluMaan Ascend Volume Cream
Lockhart's Phenom Cream Tonic
Oil Can Grooming Styling Paste
Arcadian Vanilla Cedar Clay Pomade
Lockhart's Fire & Brimstone Matte Clay
Lodestar Grooming Rio Texture Cream
BluMaan Monarch Matte Paste