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The Home Of Niche Grooming Products

Welcome To Slickboys

" I'm A Slick Boy, And...

There's No Cure "

At Slickboys we believe in doing things the old fashioned way. In doing a job 'properly'; with care, skill, dedication and passion. We support the artisans who share our beliefs. Those who prioritise the quality and effectiveness of their products above all else and take great pride in making them. What you will find here is a hand-picked selection of the finest products from around the globe that celebrate the oldest traditions in men’s grooming.

Hot Off The Slicktalk Press

Aion Skincare
Product Launches

Introducing Aion Skincare from Grooming Dept

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest Grooming Dept release under the new brand name Aion Skincare.

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Tatara Razor Blades
Product Launches

We Now Stock Blades!

We've often been asked why we don't stock any razor blades, and the truth is, there are so many options out there we didn't know where to start! Until Tatara came along, that is...

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Zingari Man X Rogue Perfumery Bon Monsieur
Product Launches

Zingari Man X Rogue Perfumery

Following the huge success of their first project with Mousse Illuminée, we are delighted bring to you another exciting collaboration between Rogue Perfumery, the vintage-inspired niche fragrance h...

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