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The Home Of Niche Grooming Procucts

Welcome To Slickboys

" I'm A Slick Boy, And...

There's No Cure "

At Slickboys we believe in doing things the old fashioned way. In doing a job 'properly'; with care, skill, dedication and passion. We support the artisans who share our beliefs. Those who prioritise the quality and effectiveness of their products above all else and take great pride in making them. What you will find here is a hand-picked selection of the finest products from around the globe that celebrate the oldest traditions in men’s grooming.

Hot Off The Slicktalk Press

Imaginary Authors Bull's Blood Perfume
Product Launches

Bull's Blood Pre-Order Is Now Open!

This animalic, bold, and utterly sensuous scent was once sadly withdrawn to the dismay of many of Imaginary Authors' earliest fans. However, today marks Bull's Blood's triumphant return...

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Ariana & Evans Lurch & Fester
Product Launches

Lurch, Fester and an All New Vegan Soap Base

We have managed to get our hands on the latest iteration of Ariana & Evans' vegan shaving soap base, VR2, in a limited edition Halloween scent which blends 'Khalifa' and 'Vanille de Tabac'...

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Major International Shipping Update
Service Updates

Major International Shipping Update

Free shipping offers for Europe, payment in local currencies, worldwide economy shipping, an increased IOSS order threshold and more in this major shipping update...

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