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Hair Pomade

If you're not using Hair Pomade to slick back your hair then you're doing it all wrong. Hair Pomade is a classic men's hair product which was introduced in the 1920's and instantly favoured by dapper gents looking to hold their clean, slicked-back styles in place. Traditionally Hair Pomade would contain wax and oil to provide a strong hold with a slick, shiny finish. However, this combination of ingredients was less than ideal when it came to washing the hair and so Water-Based Pomades were born. Water-Based Pomades set out to combine all the great characteristics of an Oil-Based Pomade with the added bonus of being able to wash it out with water alone.

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Firsthand Clay Pomade
Firsthand Clay Pomade (3oz) Sale price£19.95
O'Douds Water Based Pomade
Shear Revival American Gardens Clay Pomade
Shear Revival Crystal Lake Water Based Pomade
Sold outO'Douds Styling Treatment
Shear Revival Gray Ghost Cream Pomade
Lockhart's Goon Grease Heavy Hold Pomade
O'Douds Dry Wax
O'Douds Dry Wax (4oz) Sale price£19.95
Flagship Black Ship Water Based Pomade
Firsthand All-Purpose Pomade
Lockhart's Water Based Goon Grease Pomade
O'Douds Conditioning Cream
O'Douds Standard Pomade
Sold outTempleton Tonics Summit Water Based Pomade
BluMaan Original Styling Meraki
Lodestar Grooming Rio Texture Cream
Templeton Tonics Odin Wax Cream
Lockhart's Matte Clay
Arcadian Clay Pomade
Arcadian Clay Pomade (4oz) Sale price£19.95
Lockhart's Unorthodox Water Based Goon Grease
BluMaan Fifth Sample Pomade
Shear Revival Loyal Sea Clay Styling Balm
Shear Revival Easy Tiger Oil Based Pomade
Oil Can Grooming Grease Pomade
Arcadian Vanilla Cedar Clay Pomade
Sold outLodestar Grooming Everglade Styling Cream
Sweet Georgia Brown Medium Hold PomadeSweet Georgia Brown Medium Hold Pomade
Lodestar Grooming Apex Matte Cream
Lodestar Grooming Tsunami Matte Cream
Arcadian Holy Shiitake Texture Cream
Oil Can Grooming Original Pomade
Sold outLodestar Grooming Terracotta Styling Cream (4oz)
Shear Revival Younger Days Gel Pomade
Oil Can Grooming Classic Cream
Lodestar Grooming Polaris Wax Cream
Sweet Georgia Brown Heavy Hold PomadeSweet Georgia Brown Heavy Hold Pomade
Lodestar Grooming Wayfinder Pomade
Arcadian Gel Pomade
Arcadian Gel Pomade (4oz) Sale price£19.95