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Timeless Titanium Safety Razor Set (Matte)


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  • Scalloped Cap
  • Scalloped Base Plate (0.68mm or 0.95mm blade gap)
  • Spiral Grooved Handle (85mm length)
  • Engraved Stand
  • Matte Finish

The Timeless Titanium Safety Razor is the leader of the pack. Beautifully crafted from solid titanium, it has a highly durable and long lasting matte finish making it the perfect family heirloom. The razor is available with either a 0.68mm or a 0.95mm blade gap depending how aggressive you like your razor. The 0.95mm blade gap is medium aggressive and gets very close, very quickly without irritation. The 0.68mm blade gap is nice and mild but requires more passes to achieve a baby butt smooth finish. Whether you are new to shaving or are an experienced wet shaver, this razor is sure to become your most prized possession.

The Design: Similar to the barber pole, this design includes spiral grooves that wrap around the handle. This provides you with a sturdy grip and a truly premium finish. The scalloped cap and base plate are unique and efficient and compliment the look of this luxurious razor perfectly.

The Weight/Size: When you hold this, you will understand what a high-quality instrument the Titanium razor is. The weight to size ratio is nothing short of perfection and will give you total control as the blade glides down your face.

The Material: Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable materials suited to razor making, making this the perfect razor to pass down through the generations.

Product Specification:
Material: Solid grade 5 titanium
Finish: Matte finish
Weight: 75.1g
Blade Exposure (.68mm blade gap): 0.000"
Blade Exposure (.95mm blade gap): 0.002"
Handle Thread Size: M5 x 0.8mm

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