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Face Wash

Look guys, using the same bar of soap on your face which you wash your arse with is just not going to cut it. The skin on your face is a lot more sensitive and a lot less dirty, so stop being lazy and get yourself a proper Face Wash. Using a quality men’s Face Wash is an integral part of men's skin care. Unlike a bar of soap or a Body Wash, a Facial Cleanser isn't going to absolutely strip your skin of all moisture and leave you looking like you’ve scrubbed at your face with a wire brush. Washing your face is important, you need to wash away the blood sweat and tears of a hard day’s work but you need to do it with something which is going to be gentle on your skin and suitable for daily use. A Face Wash will last for ages because you really don’t need much and it contains a whole host of ingredients to keep your skin in good nick. We’d always recommend using a bit of a Moisturiser afterwards to replace any of the skins natural oils that may have been removed during washing and to give your skin an extra layer of protection against the elements. In a week’s time when your face is glowing you can come back and thank us!