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Zoologist Snowy Owl Extrait De Parfum (60ml)

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  • Perfumer: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
  • Parfum Concentration: 25%
  • Top Notes: Snow Accord, Lily of the Valley, Mint, Coconut
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Snowdrop, White Rose, Mate, Frankincense, Galbanum
  • Base Notes: Ambrette, Cedar, Civet*, Musks*, Oakmoss, Tonka, Vanilla

*Synthetic notes. Zoologist Snowy Owl does not use animal products.

A thick carpet of silver envelops the landscape, untouched but for the dazzling reflection of the sun. Snow stretches as far as the eye can see, while a bitter wind rolls silently across the sky, its hush barely broken by the powerful beat of an ivory wing. Despite the stillness of the arctic, the snowy owl senses a flutter beneath the icy crust far below. Through snowy tunnels voles scamper, oblivious to their fate. A warm glow stirs within the breast of the majestic bird as it dives, confident in its mastery over the frigid kingdom.

Zoologist Snowy Owl glides on with a minty opening, while the gentle warmth of musk combines with beautiful hints of snowdrops, lily of the valley and iris. Sweet coconut and woody vanilla swoop in to surprise and entice. Snowy Owl merges cool vitality with exquisite softness in a captivating scent, ideal for those who aren't afraid to take what they desire.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

To my nose his perfume leads with a cold slightly minty and very woodsy smell (Presumably the oakmoss). But after dry down, on my skin it is perfection. Gently floral with some slight vanilla, richly earthy from all of the woods but boosted further by the frankincense and ended with a crisp and clean smell from the snow accord.

It is a complicated smell and you absolutely do smell cold. I am absolutely in love with this perfume.

Also I got this delivered to New Zealand, Slickboys got it to me far faster than I anticipated and very securely packaged.
Very very happy with this purchase.