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Zingari Man The Merchant Shaving Soap (5oz)

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  • Top Notes: Clove, Cardamom, Pink Pepper
  • Heart Notes: Amber, Frankincense, Honey, Ambroxan, Hay, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Soft Patchouli, Woods

A man looks out from his stall at the open air market at a crowd of people shuffling through its warm, colourful pathways. He feels the blended hum of their voices resonate in his chest like music. With each breath, he takes in the smells carried on the air from the many stalls of the market - spices mingle with vanilla and a deep, honeyed amber to create something greater than the sum of its parts. His spirit is fuelled by this air, and powerful air it is. The fragrance is no whisper on the wind, but rather the mighty breath of far-away places brought to the market. With this breath in his mouth, the man speaks to his patrons and they hear the world in his voice. This powerful fragrance by Shawn Maher of Maher Olfactive and Chatillon Lux bears a unique, sweet-and-spicy boldness befitting a man who, with his world of experience and his world of options, has something very special to offer his fellow man: The Merchant.

Zingari Man The Merchant Shaving Soap is guaranteed to impress you with its elite slickness, cushion, glide and post shave feel. The post shave is where it shines the most. A luxurious post shave is important for your overall skin health and will impact the way your skin feels for the entire day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sean O.
Great product

Lathers well, great scent, quick delivery. Another great item from SlickBoys

Zingari heaven

This perfume is really sensational, shame it doesn’t lather as readily as other Zingari Man soaps. I have to work hard to get a lather. Prepared to put a little more effort in for that scent though!


Great slickness. Need to work hard to lather up but great when you get there.
Awesome perfume!

Simone F.
Zingari the merchant absolutely sensational

I love without any doubt this brand I have receive today the soap and the recovery and what can i say…. Outstanding product pre the fragrance is absolutely amazing ( my opinion of course) and the the post shave is like a dream my skin is like a velvet and the recovery is incredible
Otherwise slickboys absolutely highly recommended for the service and as usual one of the best customer service ever
Well done everyone

Fantastic fragrance.

Zingari-man The Merchant has got to be the best smelling shaving soap I have ever used. The lather is thick, creamy and smooth. But be advised its a very thirsty soap and it took me around 3 shaves before I learned how much water to use.