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Wholly Kaw Dance Of Agrumes Shaving Soap (4oz)

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  • Premium artisan shaving soap
  • Made from Wholly Kaw's tallow and donkey milk base
  • Produces a slick, cushiony and protective lather
  • Offers fantastic post-shave hydration
  • Contains flax seed and hops extract

Wholly Kaw Dance Of Agrumes Shaving Soap is made using their tallow and donkey milk soap base. A citrus blend is layered on top of green and cedar middle notes settling down to an earthy base with oud stealing the show at the end. Dance of Agrumes has top notes of bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, pink berry and neroli with middle notes of black pepper, cedarwood, galbanum, rosemary, coriander and aldehydes anchored on base notes of vetiver, musk, patchouli, amber and oud. This soap base is made with high quality ingredients including donkey milk, castor oil, kokum butter, cocoa butter and shea butter for added post shave benefits. Hops extract is also incorporated into the formulation as a soothing natural extract for relief of skin inflammation and redness. This is a soft soap which can be mashed into a cup or a shaving mug for easy loading of the brush. The soap is slick and enables the razor to glide effortlessly over your face. The cushiony lather provides ample protection for the skin while shaving. This soap can be lathered using the palm, a bowl or directly on the face.

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