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The Groomed Man Co Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser (100ml)


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  • Pracaxi Oil: A superior emollient that absorbs easily and effectively into the skin, also rich in Behenic Acid. This saturated fat is exceptionally moisturising and is ideal for dry and problematic skin.
  • Black Tea Extract: Containing powerful antioxidants and polyphenols, this extract works to keep skin from ageing prematurely, protects from UV radiation and soothes a variety of skin issues.
  • Activated Charcoal: Used in this moisturiser to control excess oil production through absorption, and to provide the skin with a matte, clean and smooth finish.
The Groomed Man Co Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser is non-greasy, highly hydrating and provides a matte finish for the face. Containing activated charcoal to absorb and control excess oil and eliminate shine. Pracaxi oil, rich in Behenic acid and exceptionally moisturising, is perfect for problematic and dry skin providing up to 12 hours moisture. Black Tea Extract improves the skins youthful appearance while protecting it from free radicals and external elements. Add The Groomed Man Co Smooth Operator Moisturiser to your morning & night grooming routine to keep skin looking and feeling smooth and alive.