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Tatara Masamune Safety Razor

Sale price£165.00
  • Material: High-Grade 303 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Hand Finished & Sandblasted
  • Length: 93.7mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Blade Gap: 0.63mm
  • Blade Exposure: -0.13mm

Introducing Tatara's flagship razor - Masamune, blending classic safety razor aesthetics with a futuristic twist. Crafted with a minimalist design that exudes purity, elegance, and simplicity. The Masamune Razor offers a smooth and efficient shaving experience, thanks to its small blade gap and negative blade exposure. The closed comb plate, our most popular option, features subtle grooves along the edges for minimal blade exposure to your skin. Crafted from stainless steel, the razor's weight takes control, effortlessly gliding along your skin. This heavyweight material simplifies your shaving routine, letting the razor's heft do the work as you navigate your facial contours with precision. The unique fitting system of the Masamune Razor ensures high perpendicularity between the handle and razor head, enhancing shaving precision and distributing the load evenly on the threads to prevent excessive wear and increase durability. One of our standout features is the wide contact area supporting the blade between the cap and base plate, minimizing blade vibrations during shaving, eliminating chatter, and ensuring a supremely smooth shave. Each piece in the Masamune Series undergoes meticulous hand-finishing to eliminate machining marks and soften edges, followed by a sandblast treatment for a polished appearance. The Masamune Series is a testament to simplicity and minimalism, featuring a timeless three-piece assembly design that endures the test of time. Your Masamune Razor comes in a natural cork box, wrapped in black silk paper, and sealed with black wax. This sustainable packaging underscores Tatara's commitment to environmentally friendly materials. To guarantee peak performance and longevity, every component is precision-machined from solid materials with tolerances as tight as 0.02mm. The Masamune Razor: Where classic meets the future, precision meets simplicity.

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