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Southern Witchcrafts Necromantic Aftershave Splash (118ml)

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Southern Witchcrafts Nercromantic Aftershave Splash has a bold and unique fragrance which evokes imagery of love, romance and death. Perfect for a crisp autumn shave in a graveyard.

Scent notes: Rose, wisteria, honey, red wine, earth and ozone.

Ingredients: Witch hazel, water, aloe gel, polysorbate 20, fragrance, vitamin E, glycerin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Necromantic Review : A strange one....

So, you probably (like me) seen this and though oh, then woah once you read the little blurb then made a purchase and you were completely taken off guard by just how weird (this is a good thing) it smells.

Firstly, glass bottle, fuckin sick, design, awesome 10/10.

You have you're shave how ever you like to shave then reach for this and splash the milky (first time I experienced a milky looking splash took me off guard) you then get it on you're face.

It glides, the smell is immediate, the burn delayed (only a slight nip I don't think there is alcohol in it)

The best way to describe the smell, it's so fuckin hard to do so, but my partner said "it reminds me of the dentist" but there is so much more too it, initally, I didn't really like it, BUT it has grown on me once you start smelling the undertones, overtones and smell every component that makes this splash, it's wonderful but it 100% is not for everyone. Iv come too really enjoy it I use it daily (even if I don't shave daily)

I have recently started shaking up the bottle for about 20 seconds, a good vigerous shake, I don't know if it does anything but it feels like it does and noticed a slight difference so, try it out, either way it's nice to shake.
Duration, I work in the oil industry, in and out of vessels full of all kinds of nasty shit and it lasts, and it lingers I notice it (not as strong very subtly) but it's still there.
Tldr it's not bad, not what is expected and takes time too grow on you.