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Rex Konsul Adjustable Slant Razor

Sale price£295.00

Rex Supply Co. presents "Konsul", the first and only adjustable slant razor of its kind. Made in the USA from marine grade stainless steel, Konsul is designed for an entire lifetime of use. Each razor features an individual serial number and a manufacturing code that adheres to the classic Gillette® product dating system meaning that its owner will possess a traceable piece of shaving history.

Konsul provides a 'blade neutral' feel with the efficiency of a slant and allows you to fully customise your shaving experience in both closeness and comfort. Inspired by the French guillotine and perfected by the Germans, a slant razor is the perfect solution for shavers with coarse beards suffering from sensitive skin because of the slicing motion of regular shaving. The name 'Konsul' is both a tribute to the slant razor's German roots and a nod to its equal counterpart 'Ambassador'.

This double edge safety razor is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and ease-of-use. It is perfectly weighted and balanced and features Rex's latest 'Diamond Grip' handle. Many have said the 'Sure Grip' handle of the Ambassador is the best they've ever felt, but just wait until you experience their Diamond Grip!

From the moment you place the Konsul in your hands you will feel the benchmark for modern handles shift. Diamond Grip creates friction that feels like the handle is gripping you back allowing you to discover brilliant security during your shaves, even when wet. This precision cut knurl is featured for the first time on the new Konsul slant adjustable razor and is just another facet that makes it a must try experience!

The Konsul is infinitely adjustable, making it easy to find the best possible blade exposure for your skin. Just turn the integrated dial up or down to adjust the amount of blade gap for a milder or more aggressive shave. It is fully compatible with any double edge blade, giving you lots of options and combinations to "dial-in" a consistently perfect shaving experience. After just a few passes, you’ll find the razor glides across the skin almost effortlessly, while leaving behind a noticeably soft, clean and fully groomed path.

Length: 87mm
Weight: 106g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jason S.
Great razor and service!

so first to my first impressions of dealing with Slickboys- very good! i had to return first purchase but they were great about it, really helpful and fast responses. How it should be and will buy from them again
On to the razor, yes its expensive but the combination of the adjustable blade gap and the slant, its amazingly efficient and comfortable. Reasonably mild at 1-4, then mid aggressiveness from there. I use with Wilkinson blades and Proraso green cream and this thing just glides along giving a BBS shave effortlessly. Easily the best DE razor ive ever used


It’s a good razor, but dangerous if you set beyond 2-3. My fault but I managed a full skin graft set on 6.

Boyd G.
Great razor but!!

It is a great razor but whoever designed the blade loading system should be sacked, it's a joke, for this money, it should be a fundamental of the razor design and you should not be left wondering whether or not the blade is inserted correctly.

Ricky K.
A fantastic All American razor

The Konsul is just an Ambassador with a slant, but with the negative blade exposure and smoothness, the shave feels like the money was well spent. Amazing build quality as you’d expect from Rex, a bit on the pricey side but this will last forever if taken care of. Smooth as butter and my only qualm with the razor is the fact that it eats lather and slickness off the face more than other razors requiring reapplication from time to time.

Kenneth Y.
Very nice razor

Very nice razor, gives a tug free shave with minimal effort. Makes shaving a pleasure rather than a chore.