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Noble Otter Rawr Shaving Soap (4oz)

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"Everyday when I get home from work, my two older boys will hide from me to try and scare me with a "RAWR". It has become our little tradition. I mean, I always see them hiding under the table or wedging themselves in between the door and a wall. But I love acting as if I dont see them and letting them think they had really spooked me! When I set out to make something for them, I thought of all these little moments. I thought of all the things that they loved. Dinosaurs, oranges, picking dandelions for mama, playing at the park. All things that bring a smile to their faces. Rawr is for all the fathers out there. All the fathers who wake up everyday and strive to be the best dad for our little ones."

Noble Otter Rawr Shaving Soap has notes of bergamot, sweet orange, neroli, dandelions, Atlas cedarwood, vanilla and musk.

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Customer Reviews

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Nick M.

This is Summer in a tub, beautiful sweet Orange, bergamot cedarwood and vanilla, I love the artwork on the noble otter tubs and especially the backstory on this soap having young kids myself 🥰, this soap is classed as whimsical however there is nothing whimsical about the performance, it's extremely slick lathers with no issues and you get rewarded with a pillowy cushion as you shave. Then once done post shave feels amazing norished & moisturised 👍👍 thumbs up to Nobel otter and a huge thumbs up to Finn & Slickboys for the service and making these products possible 👍👍

Fantastic fragrance

It is a hard soap, easy to lather. It offers a froth that looks like yogurt. Very smooth and well protected. The fragrance is fantastic but it has a flaw: it is not very persistent. The post-shave is not at the levels of Declaration or Barrister but it's ok.


Fantastic Soap base, great fragrance

A wonderful soap

A wonderful soap. Lovely fresh citrusy sent. Lather can be thick or take a lot of water. Slickness and post-shave feeling are very good, but not best if class.

Not good for sensitive skin

Great smell and texture but it causes a good amount of irrigation on sensitive skins