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Mammoth Mood Indigo Shaving Soap (4oz)

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Scent notes: Black pepper, blueberry, rum, vetiver, oud and night sky.
Formula: Tusk shaving soap base.

Mood Indigo is a great Duke Ellington tune that's been covered by all the great jazz singers. A lot of people think the blues is a sad genre of music, but it's not. The blues is cathartic, a way for people to give voice to their troubles and find support. Keeping your struggles and sadness to yourself is what makes things worse, so in that sense the blues helps us realise we're not alone. Mood Indigo smells like you've left that blues club late at night, tired but feeling good, a little less alone. You take a look up at the night sky and breathe a bit and sort of unconsciously hum the tune to Mood Indigo.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter B.
Great shavings soap

Great shavings soap

Mark B.
Fantastic Soap

Was delighted to recieve two of the Mammoth soaps last Friday - Really fast turn around Finn thank you.

The soap has had much hype recently and in reality the hype is very well dserved.

Fragance is good for a soap i would say a good 7/8 out of 10. It lasts thoughout the shave and beyond. The slickness during the shave was excellent a good 8/10, and post shave whilst not fabtastic was still a good 7/10. The lather i have to say was brilliant, really dense and no disipation.

Overall an excllent performace and well worth the money paid.

Just about to order the remaining one i didnt get fisrt time around.