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Mammoth Hygge Shaving Soap (4oz)

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Scent notes: Sweet orange, bergamot, fir, juniper, oakmoss, amber, frankincense, musk and castoreum.
Formula: Tusk shaving soap base.

"Hygge" is a Danish concept which conveys a sense of comfort and togetherness. The concept reminds us of an old-fashioned barbershop, where people come together to enjoy relationships and the simple everyday pleasure of a good shave. Like the classic barbershop fragrances, Hygge contains a healthy dose of citrus, oakmoss and musk, but the similarities end there. Sharp evergreens provide a wintry freshness, while amber, frankincense and castoreum provide warmth and depth. We hope this scent will warm and lift your spirits even when it’s dark and cold.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Produced a rich protective lather

For me, there was no real competition between this and the traditional French soap that I purchased around the same time. I had to stop using the latter after a few days, whereas the Mammoth soap produced a rich protective lather, leaving my skin feeling moisturised after shaving. The Hygge fragrance is mild but definitely pleasing.

Wonderful soap

My first time trying Mammoth Saops, I was hesitant at first as it's on the pricey side but so glad I did. It has a deep, warm, mysterious barbershop like scent, it's one of the nicest and best performing soaps I've had to date and cannot recommend enough.
Massive thanks to Finn for the fantastic service, items always arrive quickly and are very well packed.

Stunning performance

This stuff is amazing! All the scent notes are there but in a fairly subtle blend. However, it's the su[preme performance that is the stand-out factor here.

You only need a tiny scoop of the soap to generate a generous loading of lather that's more like clotted cream for consistency. At the end of my shave I usually squeeze the excess lather from the brush and soap my face with it. The first time I used this I had to return the excess to the tub ti use it again the next day, otherwise I'd have looked like Uncle Albert!

Great value for the money as it goes a LONG way. The balm compliments it well but I wish there was a splash instead


Bought this when announced recently. Although I was disappointed to miss out on the Mood Indigo I’m pleased about buying Hygge in its place. Lathers up extremely well and has a great slickness that provides a very smooth shave. I’m not good at describing scents but to me it smells very clean and fresh. I bought the Hygge aftershave balm alongside this and both are great.

Mark B.
Super quality soap this one.

Super quality soap this one. Lathers like a dream. Very slick with loads of residue for those touch up strokes ... post shave good, but not brilliant.

Highly recommended