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Flagship X Pomade Everything Chaotic Clay (4oz)

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Chaotic Clay is a collaboration between Flagship Pomade, Chaotic Hair, Prodigal Pomade, White Label Grooming and Cub and Co.

Chaotic Clay came to life when the aforementioned put together a Facebook group; Pomade Everything. That group was created for multiple reasons and this product was made for those that joined it and for those that want a quality product from all five companies/personalities.

Matte Paste? Clay Pomade? Hair Clay? Matte Clay? All marketing names. But what is this product? A little of all of these. A firm holding, denser clay product which can be used for texture, clean styles, you name it.

The fragrance for this was put together by Chris Young over at Prodigal Pomade and is based on the Creed fragrance, Original Santal. Complex and fresh with a strong sandalwood base.

White Label Grooming (Tony Nguyen) made the formulation and Flagship tweaked it slightly for larger batches.

The guys over at Chaotic Hair (Robert Ramos and Cameron Espino) brought the group together and helped flesh out the type of product and the creative direction.

Brad George with Cub and Co. in Tasmania created the label.

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