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Bogue O/E Eau De Parfum (50ml)

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"O/E is all about paradoxes and oxymoron. It's halfway between acoustic and electric, digital and analogue, natural and synthetic, artisanal and industrial, outdoors and indoors, the past and the future. It's all kind of greens ranging from citruses to leaves via oxidised copper and fruit. It's a forest in spring, a motel room with green carpet, an astronaut wearing an Eau De Cologne, trees, wood furniture, taxidermy, a botanic garden, cigarette smoke and a crystal clear sky. It's there to cheer you up but it's also always ready to unleash its beast within hidden inside its massive animalic-chyprey bone-structure.

O/E is elaborately structured, hugely complicated edifice of bright, shining citruses, naturally green spices and florals, warm natural wood notes and sheer synthetic ones, and an underpinning of smoky animalic notes - all of which somehow lock together to form something bright, surprisingly light, and cheerfully uncategorisable. The combinations are exquisite - an ultra-fresh bergamot opening stands atop a spicy, fresh herb garden of rosemary and thyme. Balsamic camphor cools off a bough of juniper, pine and cypress. A lilt of lush florals offset a benzoin-tinged resinousness, and a translusent layer of iso-E super wraps it all together and marks the composition as unmistakably 21st century. Each bold stroke is effortlessly complimented with the kind of artistic and architectural virtuosity that balances, but never overlaps, leaving the finished product as impressive in its scope as it is wonderfully enjoyable. O/E is another triumph from a truly contemporary talent."

- Perfumes, Luca Turin

Scent Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Neroli, Clove, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Camphor, Lebanon Cedar, Juniper, Pine, Cypress, Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver, Benzoin, Tobacco, Resins, Sandalwood.

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Customer Reviews

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This perfume impressed me. very beautiful and high quality for connoisseurs of selective perfumery

Melanie v.K.
not slick and not a boy

I am neither slick, nor a boy, but a messy middle aged woman living in Australia. I discovered Bogue perfume in a local bookshop where a woman browsing books beside me smelled so good I felt compelled to tell her exactly that. She told me she was wearing Bogue Maai and that she had read it described as smelling like Elizabeth Taylor in a fur coat at 4 am after a heavy night of drinking and smoking. I had never heard of Bogue and subsequent internet searches revealed I could not buy it in Australia…
After ordering some decanted Bogue samples from Europe I decided Maai was for me, though Bogue OE came a close second. I am also not a woman of means so I started searching for the best price for the perfume and postage. This is when I came across Slickboys. After multiple perfumaries in Europe and the US charging about the same price for this ‘ladies’ perfume I was pleasantly surprised by what i call the (lack) of ‘pink tax’ at Slickboys where i was able to buy this product significantly cheaper.

The service was fast, the perfume is beautiful and a number of weeks later I ordered Bogue OE from Slickboys as well. I have not come across the ‘like Elizabeth Taylor’ reference in any of my research but keep it in my mind. Thank you to the unknown woman at my local book shop. Bogue and Slickboys, you’ve made my nostrils buzz