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Barrister and Mann Taiga Shaving Soap (4oz)

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Taiga is proudly offered in the new lanolin-free Omnibus shaving soap base.

A relic of an older time in Barrister and Mann's history, Taiga was originally created as a member of their "Latha" line of soaps. Simple, forthright, a combination of pine, balsam and cedar, this is the scent of an alpine reach, the evergreen treetops dusted with snow. Taiga is a perennial favourite of their packing team (who laid claim to a few jars before they had ever even made it) and is uniquely suited to long, cold Winters held back by warm fireplaces and hot drinks.

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Customer Reviews

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Inked S.
A trip through a Winter Forest

I sadly missed out on Taiga a while ago, when Will at B&M announced bringing it back. I was actually really excited to be able to get my hands on it.

Using the Omnibus base before i cannot fault it. Superb all round Shaving Soap base.

The Scent on Taiga is Cedar wood forward, Sharp pine notes with a background of Wood & Balsam. How i can best describe this would be to picture waking up on a cold morning in a forest during the Winter season.

A great scent which again B&M have got this spot on.