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Barrister and Mann Soft Heart Shaving Soap (4oz)

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During the development of their Excelsior soap base, Barrister and Mann submitted to their testers a softer, creamier version of the product that came to be known by its development code; “PP-8.” Known for its slick, protective lather and soft, nourished post-shave feel, PP-8 has been referred to in hushed tones ever since as “the one that got away.” Barrister and Mann originally discarded the formula during development in an effort to create a product that would last longer and provide better value for their customers, but they continued to receive requests that they release some of the soap base to the public. Thus was the inspiration for the Soft Heart Series, so named because of the softer, easier-lathering consistency of the PP-8 soap base.

As the only shaving soap company in Cooperstown, NY, it seemed appropriate that Barrister and Mann should create a fragrance that captures the smell of a baseball field by blending the aromas of freshly cut grass, turned soil, leather, pine, caramel, popcorn and beer into a lightly sweet olfactory experience reminiscent of Opening Day. With baseball season on hold, Diamond is the perfect way to recapture the spirit of America's favourite pastime. Play ball!

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