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Barrister and Mann Soft Heart Aftershave Balm (2oz)


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The perfect accompaniment to the incredible Soft Heart Shaving Soap, Soft Heart Aftershave Balm is made using Barrister and Mann's new balm formula for a light, moisturising finish to an excellent shave.

For this release, Barrister and Mann is delighted to present something for which they've been asked for, literally, years: a standalone sandalwood fragrance! Laced with a touch of genuine Mysore sandalwood originally designed for use in Fougère Gothique, Soft Heart Sandalwood is emblematic of the quality of simple things done well and is a favourite at Barrister and Mann for its understated elegance.

For this release, Barrister and Mann is thrilled to return one of their most famous fragrances to production; Roam. Inspired by the rugged individualism of American cattle ranchers, they blended the aromas of pipe tobacco, smoke, leather, herbs, fresh dirt and grass into a bright, robust scent reminiscent of life on the open range. Timeless and virile, Roam harkens back to the days of the Old West.

One of the first scents designed by Will and Paula as a team, Rhapsody was inspired by the grand fragrance masterpiece Nicolaï New York and by the lovely aroma of pear blossom that drifts along the thoroughfares surrounding Central Park in Spring. An ode to blossoms of all types, Rhapsody incorporates notes of orange blossom, pear blossom, patcohouli, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, lemon, bay, thyme and rose into a lovely kiss of jammy goodness that brightens even the coldest of weather. It's less floral than you think and much better than you hope, so don't miss out!

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