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Barrister and Mann Nordost Aftershave Splash (100ml)

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Orange oil is famously frustrating to work with, highly unstable and prone to oxidation and extremely weak unless you use the stuff by the bucketful, which can disturb the chemistry of soap and presents skin allergen problems. Barrister and Mann have searched for years for a safe way to produce an orange scent that properly reflects the rich warmth of the genuine article, and at long last, they've found it. The product of this effort is their newest and grandest citrus creation: Barrister and Mann Nordost aftershave splash. Rich and elegant, with undertones of dusky sweetness, Nordost is the smell of smoked oranges, their peels made leathery by the heat, their juice darkened and concentrated and wonderful. This is no weak, muddled orange scent, handicapped by the fragility of the fruit’s natural oil, but instead an intense, distinctly authentic fragrance so deeply luscious that you’ll swear you’ve buried your face in a basket of the real thing. We consider Nordost to be one of our crowning achievements, a glorious, impassioned love letter to the warmest and friendliest citrus. Enjoy, and long live the orange.

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely partner to the soap

There's a reason why the Nordost Smoked Orange products sell out almost as soon as Finn restocks them - they are fabulous!

The scent profile is exactly as it says on the label, a really punchy aroma of orange with just a warming hint of smoke.

The soap performs beautifully and when you add this splash afterwards, the boosted scent is with you all day