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Barrister and Mann Leviathan Shaving Soap (4oz)

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This is the very first release of Barrister and Mann's new lanolin-free Omnibus shaving soap base and we're extremely excited to get it out to your shave den! A product of exhaustive research and testing, Omnibus is easy to lather, offers superior cushioning and slickness and boasts a post-shave feel like no other.

Leviathan. The biblical serpent who will consume the world come the end of days. Legend has it that he lives beneath the seas, awaiting his chance to devour all of creation. Some sailors still speak his name in hushed tones and cross themselves to ward off his ancient, ravenous hunger.

In perfume, there is nothing more darkly ancient than leather. Barrister and Mann discovered the formula for an archaic, forgotten Russian leather accord and blended it with notes of sandalwood, coffee, cedar and musk to create a dark, feral scent well-suited to its namesake. Elemental and at times slightly unsettling, Leviathan is a scent to accompany you to the end of the world.

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