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Shaving Cream

Wet Shaving is an art which should be mastered by any true gentleman and it all starts with a quality Shave Cream. Unlike the shaving foam you might find at the supermarket, a quality Shaving Cream will not leave your skin feeling as dry or irritated (no matter how ‘moisturising’ or ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ it may claim to be). A Shave Cream is the perfect introduction into what a real lather should feel like and the perfect bridge between a shaving foam and the undisputed classic that is Shaving Soap. If you want to start shaving properly then you are going to need to invest in a quality Shaving Brush. Simply wet your brush in hot water for a minute or so, apply a small scoop of Shave Cream onto the tip of your brush and in light circular motions whip it up into a lather on your face. Your face will thank you, trust us!

Shaving Cream

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