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Arcadian Pomade

Arcadian is a home-brewed pomade and skin care brand with a minimalist approach to design. Based out of Knoxville, USA each of their products is designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Arcadian became well established in the pomade scene thanks to their immensely popular Clay Pomade, which was available in the UK for the first time ever here at Slickboys.

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Arcadian Clay Pomade
Arcadian Clay Pomade (4oz) Sale price£19.95
Sold outArcadian Vanilla Cedar Clay Pomade
Arcadian Matte Paste
Arcadian Matte Paste (4oz) Sale price£19.95
Arcadian Vanilla Cedar Matte Paste
Arcadian Holy Shiitake Texture Cream
Arcadian Rosa Styling Clay
Arcadian Gel Pomade
Arcadian Gel Pomade (4oz) Sale price£19.95
Sold outArcadian Texture Spray
Arcadian Gel Cleanser