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Anchors Pomade

Ben Miller, US army veteran turned hair stylist, is the mastermind behind Anchors Hair Co. After jumping out of one too many aeroplanes and dislocating both of his shoulders, Ben was discharged from the military and set out to change the pomade game forever. Inspired by his mum and stepdad’s consistent hard graft, Anchors Hair Co was born and Ben started producing some of the most highly regarded pomades on the planet. Anchors Hair Co focused on the benefit of all natural ingredients over cheaper alternatives and subsequently bought a never before seen product to the mainstream pomade market. Anchors Teddy Boy Original Pomade was one of the first pomades to bridge the benefits of a traditional oil-based pomade and a water-based pomade which saw every other brewer out there step their game up or get left behind. Anchors Hair Co has since expanded their range of pomades with every one being as good as the last.

Anchors Pomade

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