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Barrister and Mann Marilyn Shaving Soap (4oz)

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On June 1, 1926, Norma Jean Mortensen was born. She survived an extremely tough childhood (twelve foster homes and an orphanage) and married young, then got a job working in a munitions factory during WWII, building rockets and bombs for the Radioplane Company. There, she met David Conover, an Army photographer who would change her life. But, had she stayed in industry, she would have been a titan. In modelling, her next career, she would have been an icon. Instead, she was an actress, and became Marilyn Monroe.

This Valentine's Day, Barrister and Mann pay homage to the Blonde Bombshell herself, the most famous sex symbol of the 20th Century (and likely longer). Monroe famously wore a drop of Chanel No. 5 (and nothing else) to bed, but she also had a fondness for Patou Joy ("the costliest perfume in the world") and the now all-but-lost Floris Rose Geranium. All three were sexy, sensual, intimate things, facets of which have made it into her namesake perfume.

Introducing Marilyn, a sprawling, baroque tribute to Monroe and her legacy. Blended with notes of amber, bergamot, cedar, clary sage, coriander, fir, labdanum, leather, opoponax, tonka, tobacco, sandalwood, vetiver, and ylang ylang, Marilyn is a powdery, cedary descent into what it means to feel stylish and sexy, capped with herbs and florals and underlaid by the promise of desire. Cast in the mould of Golden Age perfumery, the sort of fragrances that surrounded Monroe during her lifetime, Marilyn is the perfect representation of the impact she left behind, tuned for a masculine audience and perfect for the most intimate of company.

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Chris M.
Super product from a top brand !!

Super product from a top brand !!

senza parole, prodotto eccezionale, fragranza meravigliosa

senza parole, prodotto eccezionale, fragranza meravigliosa , per me che ho amato alla follia "lavanille", questa nuova profumazione è secondo me lo step successivo.