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Barrister and Mann Eigengrau Shaving Soap (4oz)

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Eigengrau is proudly offered in the new lanolin-free Omnibus shaving soap base.

In 2003, the House of Malle released one of its strangest, most ethereal creations: L'Eau d'Hiver, the smell of sunlight on snow. Characterised by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena's artful use of powdery heliotrope and iris and accented by white musks, honey and flowers, it was heralded at the time as one of the most artistically elegant creations of the time.

In the years since, no one else seems to have attempted any variations on the idea. L'Eau d'Hiver has stood alone as the most pure expression of the smell of Winter ever devised and its bright, chipper nature and refined French pedigree tend to give the wearer an impression of sunlit ski slopes and thick woolen sweaters. But that was then and there are places in the world where Winter is a decidedly less cheerful affair.

Eigengrau is meant to be the inverse of L'Eau d'Hiver, the smell of moonlight on snow. The very essence of the desolate elegance of a frigid mountainside, framed by pristine snow and forbidding pines, so isolated that you feel as though you stand at the edge of the world. Notes of heliotrope and iris bring forth the smell of desiccated powder, underlaid with the smell of frigid air and primeval accents of lichen, moss, vetiver and fir needle. A vivid rendering of one of the most starkly bewitching sights that the North has to offer, Barrister and Mann Eigengrau Shaving Soap is a reminder that in the dark and the bleak may be found some of the most enrapturing beauty of all.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Inked S.
Throwback to the childhood days

The scent on this tells me a story, about the cold wintery days of playing Sunday football. The frozen soil, the mud, the dirt and cold all combined into one. This is that scent. Will has got this spot on.

The Omnibus base is truly superior, easily lathers into a rich creamy dense lather.

5 Star service from Finn @Slickboys

Mr N.T.
Performance is superb

Scent will not be for everyone but I like it and the performance is superb

Really bizarre and interesting.

A shock after the first time i smelt it,as i had never ever smelled a fragrance like this in the past,it electrified my brain..
It has a wild but musky scent of a very cold and dark place,you get tones of a frozen winter forest
and the feeling of it. Really bizarre and interesting.
As for the shave experience:i had an easy and rich lather,great slickness and support and a great post shave feeling in my face.
A treasure in my wet shaving den.


Was excited to see this new release from B&M, especially with such a curious description.

So looking forward to it’s arrival today with my other soaps, I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed. The scent is truly awful. I tried to picture what was said in its description to the actual smell ... but it’s impossible. The best description I can give is your great Auntie Flos back bedroom wardrobe and the waft of mothballs.

A real disappointment from B&M