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Barrister and Mann Behold The Whatsis Aftershave Balm (100ml)


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Behold The Whatsis is proudly offered in an upgraded and improved alcohol-free aftershave balm. Enriched with super-moisturising kokum and cupaçu butters, hydrolysed oat protein and nourishing daikon seed oil, this soothing, moisturising emulsion will calm irritation and redness and leave your skin feeling moisturised for hours on end.

Children’s authors, people like Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and Beatrix Potter, set the tone for our entire lives. The books that we read as children become cornerstones of how we see the world, of our beliefs about right and wrong and of how we treat others. Few could forget the lessons and lines of iconic works like The Lorax and we pass such lessons on to our own children in an effort to give them the best for their own childhoods.

This year, for what would have been Dr. Seuss’s 118th birthday, Barrister and Mann is thrilled to revive their tribute to these great authors, to the Eric Carles and Richard Scarrys and Maurice Sendaks of the world. Inspired by their stories and their lessons, Behold the Whatsis is a sprightly, spring-like blend of grapefruit, rose and their own version of the smell of childhood memories, a combination of tangerines, sugar cookies and dryer-warm blankets. Far from cloyingly sweet, Behold the Whatsis elegantly and quietly hails back to what it’s like to be small.