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Zingari Man X Rogue Perfumery Bon Monsieur

Zingari Man X Rogue Perfumery

Following the huge success of their first project with Mousse Illuminée, we are delighted bring to you another amazing collaboration between Rogue Perfumery, the vintage-inspired niche fragrance house, and the incredible artisan soap maker Zingari Man.

Bon Monsieur, a wildly popular fragrance created by Rogue Perfumery, captures the pure essence of 1980s masculinity, paying homage to iconic fougères such as Tsar and Duc de Vervins. With a rich blend of lavender absolute and oakmoss, it embodies the classic gentlemen's cologne and works just wonderfully as a wet shaving scent.

Thanks to this awesome partnership, Bon Monsieur is now available as a Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash alongside the original Eau De Toilette.

Zingari Man X Rogue Perfumery Bon Monsieur
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