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Tatara Razor Blades

We Now Stock Blades!

We've often been asked why we don't stock any razor blades, and the truth is, there are so many options out there we didn't know where to start! Thankfully our friends at Tatara have come along and made that choice a no-brainer with these beautiful platinum coated, stainless-steel blades

Tatara Razor Blades are manufactured in Europe from high-quality Swedish Stainless Steel, which is known for its exceptional durability and sharpness. Each blade features a premium platinum coating for enhanced smoothness and corrosion resistance and is designed to deliver between 4 to 8 shaves. Sounds good to us! 

These make a brilliant add-on to any order for wet shaving supplies at just £1.50 for five blades, because traditional wet shaving will definitely save you money!


Tatara Razor Blades
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