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Zoologist Specimen Anthology

Sample The Entire Zoologist Range

Since launching our Zoologist Sample Set last year, we've received a tonne of requests from Zoologist lovers for an opportunity to sample more of the range. We're pleased to say we've now found the perfect solution in the Zoologist Specimen Anthology Gift Set.

This is an official Zoologist box set which contains samples of every fragrance in the Zoologist range with the exception of four. Each sample is 1.5ml in volume and is presented in a branded atomiser complete with scent description and matching artwork.

As the set only has space for thirty samples in total, the scents in the set are rotated each quarter as the Zoologist range grows and changes. The current exclusions are Dodo, Macaque Fuji Apple, Hyrax and Rabbit, which is yet to be officially released.

This set is perfect for anyone looking to sample the entire Zoologist range and would make an incredible gift for any fragrance lover. The future of this set is uncertain as it is extremely time consuming to produce, and we are restricted as to how many we can stock, so don't hesitate if this tickles your fancy!

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