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Imaginary Authors Bull's Blood Perfume

Bull's Blood Pre-Order Is Now Open!

Building on the sensational success of A Whiff Of Wafflecone, we're absolutely delighted to reveal that pre-orders for Bull's Blood are now open. This animalic, bold, and utterly sensuous scent was once sadly withdrawn, leaving some of Imaginary Authors' earliest fans in dismay. However, today marks its triumphant resurrection from the vault, and we're thrilled to confirm that its signature boldness remains as alluring as ever.

Imaginary Authors Bull's Blood Perfume
The Scent

Amongst the entire Imaginary Authors collection, there exists no other blend that harmonises raw power and refined sophistication quite like this masterpiece. Disregard the doubters, seize life by the horns, and assert your dominance with captivating accords of Geranium, Spanish Rose, Patchouli, Black Musk, Tobacco, and Sandalwood. This is a scent crafted for those with unflinching courage, not the faint of heart.

The Story

Within the pages of this book, you'll meet women and men who are both ardent lovers and fierce combatants, bullfighters and boxers, gentle conversationalists and relentless revellers. They dwell in dusty Spanish villages and dimly lit, shadowy brothels. What unites these unforgettable characters is an unwavering, unyielding passion that compels them to make extraordinary choices in the face of their deepest fears. Their destinies may vary, but the undeniable truth remains the same: these are stories that seize you by the soul and refuse to release their hold until you declare your allegiance. This classic narrative, both seductive and unwavering, is not tailored for the faint-hearted, but rather for those with hearts brimming with courage.

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