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Imaginary Authors The Language Of Glaciers

A 'Fresh' New Fragrance from Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors have been absolutely killing it lately. Firstly they re-released Bull's Blood and managed to silence all those that said it would not be the same as the original. Then, A Whiff Of Wafflecone was made available to the public and almost broke the internet. A brief espresso martini themed collaboration scent with Khalua and Absolut later, and now we have a brand new signature scent - The Language Of Glaciers.

The Language Of Glaciers
The Scent

At last, an Imaginary Authors fragrance for the introverts. While it's perfectly suitable for wearing out, The Language of Glaciers serves as a comforting cloak, wrapping you in elegance and wonder whenever you do step out into the world. It features scent notes of white pine, lilac, cashmere, juniper, forget me not, blue bugle and of course, virgin snowfall.

The Story

Imagine standing alone atop a snowy mountain, surrounded by swirling snowflakes. That's the essence of "The Language of Glaciers," a romantic epic that takes you on an extraordinary journey. From serene moonlit snowshoe walks to the awe of watching an avalanche from a safe distance, the narrator's memories will enchant you, much like the solitary song of a snow owl. Embrace the cold and discover the world from breathtaking new angles. Critics praise it as "A deeply moving tale" and "Both sharp and serene."

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